Yet still inside I felt alone,
For reasons unknown to me.
In your endless summer night.
I'll be on the other side.
When the water is too deep.
I will ease your suffering.
When the glitter fades in morning.
Turn away and you will find my empty eyes.
Your beauty blinds.

"We were two kids living life on the run
Like the american dream
Baby, nothing to lose
And we get messed up for fun
We went too fast, too young”

“The world is full of nice people. If you can’t find one, be one.- Unknown  (via societychangedtheteenager)


☯☾ glow/dark/pale


i will love you ‘till the end of time

acho tão bom as outras pessoas acharem que o tumblr é pra pessoas que se cortam ou pra veado, assim pelo menos não lota de idiota.